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MANIFESTATION flower essence/gem elixir blend by Dr. Chris Lipat, hand crafted by Essence Alchemy. For clarity and action towards divine purpose. May be applied to Well of Dreams and Pineal Chakras. With water, alcohol, sweet pepperbush essence, tree tobacco essence, emerald elixir, bottlebrush essence, and diamond elixir. For oral and topical use.

Manifestation Elixir is a complex flower essence and gem elixir blend. Sweet pepperbush helps anxiety, shifting perception on struggle and hardened emotions to support recentering. Tree Tobacco circulates energy, bringing to light subconscious addictive patterns for transformation. Diamond elixir brings clarity as it harmonizes our personal will with our divine purpose. Bottlebrush cleanses and aligns our physical and subtle energetic bodies and strengthens the connection between them. Emerald elixir dissolves fear connected to love, opening our hearts and balancing our divine feminine energy. The Philosopher’s Stone on the label summates these transformational perceptual shifts towards increasing enlightenment.

*Fifth in the set of six elixirs.

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