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Dr. Jasmine created Pure Wellness Love to celebrate health, happiness and family.  In private practice since 2002 and raised in a tight knit and loving family, wellness was always about celebrating life and relationships more than just physical care.

Our mission is to empower families at home and in their lives with life giving products, practices and community.  We create events to celebrate life and take us all to another level, together.  We also have a great focus on empowering our leaders and business owners with the physical strength and encouragement they require to succeed and sustain evolutionary/luminary living.

Our aim is to create unforgettable memories to greatly add to your vitality and quality of life.  From great chiropractic and holistic healthcare to thoughtful gifts, transformative events and life changing education...we have you reaching your personal goals in mind.  Pure wellness is a custom, cocreated vision we strive to reach for and with you. 

We've created individual, family and corporate memberships.  We've also partnered with great local Hawaiian and global companies for their life enhancing effects, inspiring beauty and purposeful causes. 

Please browse around and feel free to live chat or speak with one of our friendly receptionists here to help you.

Know you're beloved, here on purpose and life can be fun and easy.  Thank you for visiting!  Pure wellness is where you feel at home.

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  • This is a bit overdue, but I just have to say that Dr Jasmine is absolutely wonderful! Her healing hands do work their magic and always ease the pain I’m in.Being a dentist I notice I have tons of tension in my shoulders and upper back. So after a great chat ( she’s warm receptive and open) she does treatment to align my neck, shoulders and upper back, and it feels great for weeks! Now she works with my whole family- my parents, husband , kids and nephews and they LoVe it! She does a lot of emotional healing along the way! We all look forward to our next sessions and our conversations . I can’t believe I functioned in life before her! So if you are looking for kind perceptive holistic healer/ chiropractor - definitely go to Dr. Jasmine !
    - Emma Abramayan, Holistic Dentist SF Bay Area
  • I’ve been going to Dr. Jasmine for 2 years now, for a specific Leg/Back problem and also general wellness, and I can’t say enough about what a fantastic job she has done on me !! Her skills are top notch, and she can usually relieve ANY problem enough within a few minutes, so you can manage until she can get you in for the full “treatment”. She is a great listener if you have special needs, or if you have questions. She knows a lot about wellness, and is always studying and researching to learn more."
    - Annica Leith
  • "She is intuitive, skilled, creative and doesn't stop at my limitations but eases me higher!
    - Annie Bachelder
  • "Dr Jasmine Therese Esguerra has not only deep knowledge and ability to perceive exactly where the issues are in our body and how to heal them, but also has a big heart and compassion. When she worked on my family, I had an opportunity to see how she was working my young children and the way she did was amazing! And since she worked on my daughter, her atopic-like skin problem which kept her waking up every night has gone for 3 years already and she also has given us great suggestions to have a healthier life. I highly recommend Dr Jasmine for families who wants to have healthy and happy life!"
    - Yoko Tajima www.yokotajima.com
  • TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN November 29, 2015 This is a letter of testimonial for Dr. Jasmine Therese Esguerra. Jasmine helped our family with her unique and effective care she provided in years of 2008-2010 in Dallas. Our daughter was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia in July of 2008 when she was only 18 months. We just moved to Dallas and our path crossed with Jasmine. At our first visit our daughter who could not speak yet grabbed Jasmine by her hand and led her to her office where she treated patients. She then let Jasmine to adjust her. Since that first visit we have used Jasmine’s care. Jasmine used to stop in Dallas Children’s Hospital and treated our daughter on regular basis. What her adjustment gave our daughter is strength and balance of her internal system when her whole body matter was being treated (killed) with chemotherapy. We strongly believe it saved her life twice. When doctors gave us little hope of her survival in IC units twice with extensive bleedings in her internal body, something stronger than science kept her alive. Her body was enduring physical damage but spiritually our daughter Salomea Paez was pure and healthy and strong. That internal power and balance was able to withstand pain and overcome unthinkable and recover. Salomea is 9 years old today. She attends 3rd grade in New York and we are blessed to have Jasmine come in our life when we needed her the most. Thank you Jasmine! We love you and we hope this letter of testimonial will allow other people to trust your abilities to heal, to adjust to help those in needs. You are selfless and wonderful person and more people should receive your amazing gift.
    - Monika Kusinska AUTOGRAF NEW YORK monika@autografnewyork.com 917-428-8205
  • "Jasmine is an exceptional chiropractor/massage therapist. Every time I go to her, I think that I would like my treatment to be the same as the previous one because it was so wonderful. It never is, and that is because Jasmine doesn’t follow a formula. Instead she “reads” what my body needs in the moment. She is extremely intuitive. Her massages are renewing and rejuvenating. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is flexible and helpful. I have suffered with lower back issues for years and feel that with Jasmine’s care, they will soon be resolved. Jasmine takes great pride in her work and she makes a difference.."
    - Judy Beneventi
  • "I was able to experience a session with Dr. Jasmine Esguerra recently and it was truly amazing. I'm not usually one who get treatments done, but she sets a relaxing mood from the beginning. She has strong technique, but with a gentle style. She played soothing music and spoke in calming voice throughout. I left feeling relaxed and hoping my time didn't come to an end. I strongly recommend her!."
    - Chris Rabang
  • "Dr. Jasmine is an excellent chiropractor. She is not like the others, she does a more natural adjustment rather than just “cracking” your back. She has helped me immensely with my acid reflux, I can lay down and sleep rather than having to be propped up to sleep. She has also helped with the nerve issues in my hands, I rarely wake up with my hands numb since I have started with her. My breathing has been better as well."
    - Auntie Nell
  • "Dr. Jasmine was gentle in aligning my shoulder , neck and lumbar spine , yet , the outcome was surprisingly very effective . Her technique was different from what I experienced from another chiropractor and physical therapist in the past , but certainly much better and to my full satisfaction I felt complete relief from the pain I have long endured , after the procedure was over. She is truly an amazing healer endowed with the gentle touch and expertise fit for her profession."
    - Zenaida Bengson
  • "Last week my lower back tightened up and it was so painful that I could barely walk, sit, or even bend over to put my shoes and socks on. I went to my regular doctor, who prescribed pain meds and muscle relaxers. Luckily I was able to see Dr Jasmine and she worked her magic through stretching and massage and in just two sessions I was walking again and felt better than I have since the pain started. She even gave me some stretches and exercises to do at home and now I’m completely off the medication only a few days later. I would highly recommend her to everyone and only wish I could see her on a regular basis."
    - Jim Gregorios
  • "Could not recommend a better chiropractor than Dr. Jasmine! I got hit by a car a little over 2 years ago and have had the worse back problems since. Was ready to just accept it until she took a look at my back. And after 3 sessions my back feels amazing. Before I was in constant pain and couldn’t do things like work out or even walk without feeling a sharp pain throughout my entire body. Now I feel brand new!!!!"
    - Christian Rausch
  • "Dr. Jasmine has a masterful technique. Her adjustments occur organicaly through the use of energetics and muscle manipulation and positioning instead of the jarring traditional chiropractic session. I teach yoga and am a massage therapist, and what Dr. Jasmine does is utilise the muscle work of massage and the positions of yoga stretches to get the deepest adjustment. Dr. Jasmines work has increased my alignment and range of motion. It has assisted me in reaching a new level of wellness that i am thoroughly enjoying! I an so grateful to have her healing hands to help keep me in alignment! I will book again.😁 "
    - Ruth Yenter
  • "She healed my sprained foot. I originally sprained my right foot 4 weeks prior to seeing her and still couldn’t bare any weight on it. Walking was so painful for me that I was nearly bedridden for the entire 4 weeks. For those of you who don’t know, this is much longer than expected and this amount of pain if not normal. The location where the pain was constant was very hot. Dr. Esguerra said that “it felt like my foot had a fever.” Because I had my injury for so long, my first session with her was very painful; however, Dr. Esguerra was with me every step of the way. She reassured me that it was as if I hadn’t brushed my hair in 4 weeks and she was brushing out all of the knots. After just one session I was able to bare weight on my foot and somewhat walk normally. After my second session (the next day) I was able to walk completely normal. I’m a week out from my second session and I’m actually able to go to the gym again."
    - Ashley Rausch
  • "I had a terrific and awesome experience with Dr. Jasmine Therese Esguerra’s experienced and gentle hands. I felt so relieved from my muscle and joint pains after she gave me a masterful and gentle maneuver aligning my head and body."
    - Ludovico Bengson
  • "Prior to my adjustment with Dr. Jasmine I felt like no matter how much sleep I got at night I would always wake up exhausted. I could sleep for 14 hours straight and still wake up not feeling rested. Dr. Jasmine explained that although I was sleeping, my body was never relaxed which impacted my mood, my energy, my brain functions, and so many other parts of my life without me even realizing. She has such a passion for healing people and walks you through the motions so you understand exactly what she’s doing. Instantly afterwards I felt such relief. I slept like a baby that night and woke up feeling like a new person. She even showed me motions to do at home that could help relieve tension on my own. I couldn’t be more grateful."
    - Holly Renick
  • "Healing hands. Dr. Jasmine comes from a place of love, and you can't help but to have your heart wide open each time you see her. We were very fortunate enough to book an appointment through a referral, and we were so glad we did! Her style is very unique and rare, passed down from generations after generations of ancestral wisdom and teachings. I felt her grandmother's presence through Dr. Jasmine's hands, it was absolutely unbelievable. Dr. Jasmine is a gem, a gift from God which all have access to just like the natural healing wonders on our planet. God bless her soul for dedicating her life to continue helping and healing others. It was an honor to receive work from you, Dr. Jasmine. I absolutely recommend Dr. Jasmine and her work."
    - Kentaro Chiba
  • "Dr Jasmine is great! This past year I had knee replacement surgery including very difficult months of pain and immobility. Prior to surgery she helped me when I was waiting for surgery because of Covid. Her approach includes education and ideas for helping oneself. Dr Jasmine is kind and an intuitive healer. Now I’m enjoying life on Maui walking along the beach with my little dog, Izzy. Who btw also thinks the world of Dr Jasmin. I’m a nurse and have worked in hospitals and clinics for nearly 40 years. I believe Dr Jasmin is one of the most skilled and caring providers I’ve met. Thank you Dr Jasmin!."
    - Timothy Engberg
  • "Jasmine does much more than chiropractic adjustment. Soft, more like massage with energy work. I always leave feeling much better physically and energetically."
    - Allen Atkinson
  • "Dr. Jasmine, Offers incredible care and healing with an intuitive integration of chiropractics, stretching, massage and energy work. She arranged a girls days for my friends and I that exceeded all expectations! I highly recommend!"
    - Shannon Lobo
  • "It is no surprise that Dr. Jasmine is a 5 Star professional. I have seen about 10 different Chiropractors in my life. By far, not only is she the best, but she has a gentle approach. It felt like a calm massage and without me knowing, she aligned me. Prior to seeing her today I have been to the ER with severe pinch nerve and muscle spasms. This morning I was not able to brush my teeth with my right hand. After seeing her, majority of the pain left and I could brush my teeth without the nerve acting up. I highly recommend Dr. Jasmine for your chiropractic needs!!"
    - Wayne Aguiran
  • "Dr. Jasmine is great, she has healing hands and takes her time with each patient, very beautiful inside and out and humble."
    - Kimberlee Sang
  • "I definitely recommend this beautiful healing Goddess!! When I found her I was in crippling pain. I have scoliosis and a inverted neck and have suffered from pain all my life but this was the worst its ever been. I was reluctant to go to a chiropractor because all they’ve ever done is crack my back bringing temporary relief and really nothing more. Dr. Jasmin’s holistic approach is much more effective and loving on the body. I could actually feel her healing energy with every touch! Needless to say I will be forever grateful to this amazing angel for not only helping me to heal but also showing me the way to living a pain free life 😇"
    - Alicia Franzolini
  • "This woman is a blessing to the Island of Maui! She has helped my husband and I, to not only reduce pain and stiffness, but to attain greater health and well being in a few short sessions. She uses nurturing techniques that fell good and encourage our bodies to be flexible and move freely. Thank you Dr. Jasmine!"
    - Patty Adams
  • "I had unexplained numbness in a couple of extremities and had seen a couple of traditional chiropractors, hoping that they would be able to help. Unfortunately, the "rack and crack" method did nothing for me and I became more concerned about the numbness. I met Dr. Jasmine a week after she moved to Maui and decided to give her a try. Her methods are unconventional and delicate, but the day after she treated me, the numbness (which at this point had been with me constantly for 2 weeks), was gone! Now, my husband, who has chronic back pain is seeing her and he has been equally impressed with his results. Dr. Jasmine is a great listener and really strives to know you. Her heart for true healing is unmatched by anyone I have ever met. Thank you, Dr. Jasmine!"
    - Kristin Hoenicke
  • "I have been dealing with extreme neck and back pain for a long time now. My posture was feeling atrocious. I don't know if I have woken up in the past year without an aching feeling. Dr. Jasmine has been such a game changer in just two sessions. While the pain is not gone, I feel a shift for the better! I am wowed by her unconventional style. It is very reminiscent of the Native healing work my mom's friend used to perform with my mom all over the United States and in Canada. Jasmine really is a game-changer and even if you have a favorite chiropractor that you see, this work is different; very unique and has a wonderful way of making you feel at ease after! I am excited for the day when I will wake up without back and neck pain and I do believe Jasmine will have something to do with that shift!."
    - Tasha Ina Church
  • "She is gentle and intuitive and I love her style and healing of the tired body."
    - Henedina Jessop
  • "I had unexplained numbness in a couple of extremities and had seen a couple of traditional chiropractors, hoping that they would be able to help. Unfortunately, the "rack and crack" method did nothing for me and I became more concerned about the numbness. I met Dr. Jasmine a week after she moved to Maui and decided to give her a try. Her methods are unconventional and delicate, but the day after she treated me, the numbness (which at this point had been with me constantly for 2 weeks), was gone! Now, my husband, who has chronic back pain is seeing her and he has been equally impressed with his results. Dr. Jasmine is a great listener and really strives to know you. Her heart for true healing is unmatched by anyone I have ever met. Thank you, Dr. Jasmine!"
    - K H.
  • "Dr. Jasmine Esguerra is a born healer, extremely intuitive, with breathtaking skills. As to locating, assessing, and treating sources of musculoskeletal pain, her work is truly effective. Personally, with four decades of injuries and illnesses behind me, I am very careful about who I will work with -- and I will gladly work with her. When it comes to hands-on healing, she is an artist, and she is a genius."
    - Titania B.


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