About Pure Wellness

Rooted in a healthy spine and nervous system, Pure Wellness is an ode to our core ability to flourish and live vital, life giving lives. There’s a pure love and power within us destined to serve on a divine level and as a part of a greater whole, in harmony with nature, honoring our lineage with gifts unfolding as we nourish ourselves soul, heart, mind and body….true and pure alignment becomes life, community and celestial alignment.

We awaken to a world of peace and harmony.

History of Pure Wellness & It Symbolizes

Pure Wellness is originally known as Inner Wisdom Wellness in Dallas on 2002.

Pure Wellness was born of our founder’s travels to beautiful Sicily, Italy on the Island of Formica. Dr. Jasmine would attend summer retreats to receive care and learn from her mentor and teacher Donald Epstein. Teacher Donald chose Formica as they were being hosted by Mondo x, a mission led by Padre Allegio who would take youth struggling from substance addiction, teaching them self confidence through team work and service.

Dr. Jasmine chose the colors to remind her of the beauty of the Mediterranean Ocean and bronze skin. Symbolism in our logo:  center is a Jasmine flower, the national flower of the Philippines and the essential oil for courage. The center also looks like a sand dollar an American symbol for peace, as when you break it open, 5 little doves are freed to bring peace to the world. Our founder is proud to be Filipina American.

The waves double as caterpillars for transformation before turning into butterflies. The shape of our logo is celebratory, like that on the top of a champagne bottle. Colors in our logo also remind our founder of mother Mary and how miracles can happen.

Our Partners in Wellness


Our Mission at pure wellness is to bring wellness home for families and individuals.