Her Story

Dr. Jasmine learned to heal at home growing up with her grandmother. Her grandmother was orphaned at 8 and her mother was her grandmother’s 8th child. Her grandmother learned to heal to help Dr. Jasmine’s mom from having seizures at 12 years old. 8 years later, at 20, Dr. Jasmine’s mom immigrated to the United States from the Philippines and gave birth to Dr. Jasmine in San Francisco.

20 years later grandmother passed away and her daughter Joy founded Nanay Inc. in North Miami in her honor and Jasmine learned on Maui that she was from a lineage of healing women. 8 years later Jasmine graduated as a doctor with 2 daughters.

Her vision

Our Vision is one where families are healing at home with their hands and heart, realizing how we positively affect one another with love. Posture and well being are practiced in schools in the workplace. We live in harmony with nature and celestial events and celebrate life milestones together. On Maui and in Hawaii Pure Wellness is doing business as Lokelani Wellness to honor our affinity to the heavenly rose and our female healing lineage.

I want to work with her

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