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I’ve been going to Dr. Jasmine for 2 years now, for a specific Leg/Back problem and also general wellness, and I can’t say enough about what a fantastic job she has done on me !! Her skills are top notch, and she can usually relieve ANY problem enough within a few minutes, so you can manage until she can get you in for the full “treatment”. She is a great listener if you have special needs, or if you have questions. She knows a lot about wellness, and is always studying and researching to learn more.

Annica L.

This is a bit overdue, but I just have to say that Dr Jasmine is absolutely wonderful! Her healing hands do work their magic and always ease the pain I’m in.Being a dentist I notice I have tons of tension in my shoulders and upper back. So after a great chat ( she’s warm receptive and open) she does treatment to align my neck, shoulders and upper back, and it feels great for weeks! Now she works with my whole family- my parents, husband , kids and nephews and they LoVe it! She does a lot of emotional healing along the way! We all look forward to our next sessions and our conversations . I can’t believe I functioned in life before her! So if you are looking for kind perceptive holistic healer/ chiropractor - definitely go to Dr. Jasmine !

Emma A., Holistic Dentist SF Bay Area

Dr Jasmine Therese Esguerra has not only deep knowledge and ability to perceive exactly where the issues are in our body and how to heal them, but also has a big heart and compassion. When she worked on my family, I had an opportunity to see how she was working my young children and the way she did was amazing! And since she worked on my daughter, her atopic-like skin problem which kept her waking up every night has gone for 3 years already and she also has given us great suggestions to have a healthier life. I highly recommend Dr Jasmine for families who wants to have healthy and happy life!

Yoko Tajima

She is intuitive, skilled, creative and doesn't stop at my limitations but eases me higher!

Annie B.


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