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PROSPERITY flower essence/gem elixir blend by Dr. Chris Teaño Lipat, handcrafted by Essence Alchemy. To open up to your true worth and creative power. May apply to Pituitary and Crown Chakras. With water, alcohol, gold elixir and almond and mango tree essences. For oral and topical use.

Prosperity Elixir contains Gold elixir and Almond Tree essence, which together releases our need to compare, helps us recognize, value and release comfortable limiting beliefs, and guides us to know our inner truth as the source of our power and unique creative expression. Mango Tree essence allows us to channel increasingly more light energy through our meridians in a balanced way. The Kriya symbol on the label augments this blend towards joyful manifestation of wishes and desires in alignment with the highest good.

*Last in the set of six elixirs.


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