Mix & Match Ceramic Heater Promotion
Mix & Match Ceramic Heater Promotion

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Mix & Match Ceramic Heater Promotion

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Features & Benefits:

- Soothing Insulated heat

- Warm and comfortable heat 

- Digital controls with built-in safety features 

- Simple to operate 

- Small and portable 

- Wide 160-degree heating surface area

 Enjoy this warm, comfortable feeling in your own home!


Maximum: 15–60 minutes, twice daily. 

Application: Undressing is not required. For best results, loose fitting clothing is suggested.


• This device should NOT be used by anyone with a heart or other medical conditions, opens sores,   

  with a pacemaker, or by anyone with serious high blood pressure. 

• Maximum: 60 minutes, twice daily. Timer has a maximum of 60 minutes. Avoid using the device continuously. 

• Do not use on overly sensitive skin areas. Do not use this product over your face or head. 

• Avoid overexposure. Overexposure can cause premature aging, skin injury, hyper-pigmentation and redness. 

• Avoid contact with your body. If any red marks appear please stop using this product immediately and consult a  


• The unattended use of this product by children or the disabled is not recommended.


Power supply:AC110-120V/50-60HZ

Power Rating:380W

Dimensions:32”(L) x 14”(W) x 16”(H)

Weight:Approx. 17 lbs.

Timer:15-60 minutes

Heating Plate Temperature: 158℉ ± 41℉

Accessories: Arm Rests and Extensions; Heat Insulation Curtain

 Mix & Match

Purchase at least 2 machines (e.g. Chi Machine, Regular HotHouse, Grande HotHouse, E-Power, and ADV ERE) together at the same time and enjoy the discounted prices.

You can “mix and match” different types of machines; however, the purchase quantity has to be 2 or more.

All products purchased can only be shipped to a single address; no separate shipping available.